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Why is Moondance Charging for Lawn Chair Seating when it has always been Free?

We have recieved some e-mails questioning the Lawn Chair seating fee. While this is not unusual when something changes at Moondance, Kathy would still like to give Jammers an explanation in her words:

I have put a lot of thought into the Lawn Chair fee, or as some festivals call it “Reserved Lawn”.  Moondance is small when compared to other major festivals in the area, but that is also what many fans tell us that they love about it. Moondance also has festival seating where fans with a general admission ticket can roam the entire concert area and put their lawn chair where they want. What most other festivals have, if not all of them, is the reserved seating right down front for many rows and for a big price. Many also have a additional tiers of reserved seating that sell for more than the price of a general admission ticket. On the business side of Moondance, I should do that. But it was something Bill and I promised many years ago that we would not do. Why? Because that is what you the fans want and that’s what makes Moondance unique!

After year 20 in 2011, I had the choice of filing bankruptcy and giving up OR digging my heals in, making a lot of cuts, and doing everything possible to make sure Moondance continued. As you know I chose the latter. So, last year it included charging for luxuries like showers which we had given away for free in the past even though it had a major cost. This year we need to find a way to maximize our concert area space so that we can continue to grow and get more fans into our concert area. With that we realized that chair seating has become a luxury we need to charge for because 800-1000 lawn chairs take up the same amount of space as over 3000 people standing. In addition, anyone in a lawn chair can still walk around, go to the front of the stage or come in early to setup their chair and have that spot saved all night. Fans who are standing cannot save a second spot in the concert area. Therefore lawn chair seating is valuable and is a luxury to those who take advantage of it. We are still going to operate with festival seating and the lawn chair seating area is still operating on a daily first-come, first-served basis for placing your chair. I feel that this fee is much better than the alternative "Reserved Lawn" with a higher ticket price and a reserved spot. This keeps our seating arrangement generally the same as it was in the past and it reasonably justifies the space lost in the concert area. 

My goal is to get the band budget up for both festivals while minimizing annual ticket price increases, so that we can maintain and add new fans while keeping the fan friendly Moondance atmosphere you have all come to expect. When I made the decision to keep Moondance going, I made the commitment to getting to year 30. Along with that goal, every decision I make values you the fans first and foremost and hopefully we will all be jammin' well beyond then!

Very Sincerely,
Kathy B

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